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Wuhan Lvyin Chemical Co., Ltd. (former Wuhan Yunhong Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.) is the first high-tech import and export enterprise specialized in the research, development and production of formaldehyde urea (UF/ MU) and IUDU (IBDU) in China. In 2006, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system demonstration and the ISO14001 environmental management system demonstration. In 2005, it won the title of "National Excellent Agricultural and Chemical Enterprise", and some of the new products were awarded the National Spark Program Project and the National New Product Certificate. The main products of the company are "Green" formaldehyde urea (UF/ MU) ) and series slow release fertilizer, isobutyldiurea (IBDU) and series slow release fertilizer, all kinds of sports lawn, horticultural flowers and all kinds of cash crops special slow release, instant fertilizer and so on. The company covers an area of 18000 square meters, production workshop 6000 square meters, fixed assets of more than 2000 million yuan. The current production of formaldehyde urea (UF/MU), isobutyldiurea (IBDU) capacity of 10, 000 tons, other types of sustained release, instant special fertilizer 30, 000 tons, while constantly developing all kinds of new special fertilizer on the market. In 1999, the company began to take the lead in research and development in China to produce formaldehyde urea (UF/MU). In recent years, isobutyldiurea (IBDU) and golf course special lawn fertilizer and so on, "green" brand fertilizer has been a bestseller in Asia, Europe, the United States and more than a dozen countries and regions, won the praise of foreign users. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has paid attention to the application and development of human resources and scientific and technological products, and has a high level of scientific research management personnel and advanced production equipment, with more than 50 professionals of all kinds. The purpose of the company is "People-oriented, customer first, technology first, quality assurance, environmental protection and safety, starting from ourselves, honest service, comprehensive development". The geographical position of the company is superior, the production area is spacious.The environment is beautiful. In front of the factory area is the spacious Hanshi Avenue, the back of the Yangtze River, Yangluo Deepwater Port in the east, railway station and international airport in the west, traffic and communication are very developed. Chen Jiaji, where the company is located, is listed as an industrial manufacturing base by Wuhan Municipal Government, which is very conducive to the development of enterprises.


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