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Our company was founded in 1996

In 1999,Lvyin establish Urea Formaldehyde(UF/MU) Research & Development Team.

Lvyin finished Urea Formaldehyde(UF/MU)Research & Development, this product was recognized by customers, and we successfully exported the first container.


In 2003, the production craft improved further, customers were growing, output and sales volume were increasing in multiples.


In 2006, based on Urea Formaldehyde (UF/MU), Lvyin successfully researched and developed Urea Formaldehyde Slow-Releasing Complex Fertilizer and started to cooperate with the Scotts Company America, also exported our products to European and American markets. In the same year, Lvyin got ISO 9001 quality certification & ISO 14001 environmental protection certification issued by MOODY of United Kingdom, and obtained the honorary title of “Leading Agrochemical Enterprise of China”


In 2008,Lvyin added a new production line of urea formaldehyde (UF/MU) with 10 thousand tons output and put it into production smoothly. Though the Global Financial Crisis broke out in 2008, but our year sales volume has hit a new record in the efforts of all colleagues.


In 2009, our company has established Urea Formaldehyde Slow-Releasing Complex Fertilizer test & patent promotion project with several institutes, such as Hubei province Academy of Agricultural Sciences & Tea research institute, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences’ Sugarcane Research Institute and other scientific research institutes, and contributed to promote agriculture by science and technology, service for three dimensional rural issues (Agriculture, Rural areas and Peasantry)


In 2011, we successfully introduced SCOTTS to invest and set up subsidiary company in Wuhan – Scotts Gardening Fertilizer(Wuhan)Co., Ltd. Cooperate together to develop the domestic market.


In 2013, with the domestic and international market development and customers’ recognition, our products are innovated and improved continuously. And our company has planned to invest and establish a new production area for Urea Formaldehyde & relevant products, in order to meet market’s need and the national policy of science and technology promoting agriculture.


In 2016, Liquid slow-release nitrogen fertilizer 22-0-0 and 28-0-0 were successfully developed,exported to Europe, Australia,Korea and other countries and regions.

Because of the company's business expansion, new factories will put into operation, the annual output has been significantly increased.
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