UF 38-0-0

(Because of the evaporation capacity, high temperature have high evaporation, plants need more water, in low temperature, the metabolic function of plants will be weakened and the evaporation is small, plants need less water). For new plants, but not use on seedlings (Different plants have different growing length, the division of seeding is different) , the fertilizer can be used diluted at a 100:1 water-fertilizer ratio.

Total Nitrogen (TN)


Uric Nitrogen (UN)


Ammoniacal Nitrogen (AN)


Cold Water Insoluble Nitrogen (CWIN)


Hot Water Insoluble Nitrogen (HWIN)


Activity Index (AI)




Moisture Content


Slow Release Period

150 - 180days 


Main Applications

(1)High content, total Nitrogen is about 38%,
(2)It is neutral, without any poisonous material. It will do no harm to the stem of plant by continuous apply.
(3)It will decompose slowly by the affect of microorganism. The decomposition process is almost similar to fish powder and bean powder does. So it can be the alternative for these high price products.
(4)It will be clinged to the soil strongly and less moved away by water. It can be absorbed by plant easily.
(5)With long-term effectiveness, it also will not produce any organic acid. So it is safe and harmless to the shoot-up and growth of plant. It is suitable for multi-fertilizer cultivation for the reason of low ion concentration.
(6)Can be mixed with all fertilizer. Please avoid using with highly water absorption fertilizer.
(7)What's more, with long-term effectiveness, it is very helpful to some long time growing plant as Turf, fruit trees, flowers. It can reduce the times of applying to save labor and fertilizer. 




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