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Tomato nutrition program

The nutritional value of tomatoes, is commonly known as Persimmon, which is an annual herbaceous herb. The tomatoes are beautiful in color, beautiful form, sweet and sour, rich in nutrition, not only can be used as fruit raw food, but also can be cooked into fresh dishes, which can be the fruit of the dish. It is one of the most widely cultivated fruits in the world.


Nutrient value

Tomatoes contain vitamins and minerals that protect cardiovascular disease and reduce heart attacks.

Lycopene has unique antioxidant ability, can eliminate free radicals, protect cells, protect deoxyribonucleic acid and genes from destruction, and prevent carcinogenesis.

In addition to its preventive effect on prostate cancer, tomatoes can effectively reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer, rectal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oral cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, etc.

Vitamin C in tomato has the effect of relieving thirst, invigorating stomach and dissipating food, cooling blood and calming the liver, clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing blood pressure, and has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension and kidney patients. Eating more tomatoes has anti-aging effect and keeps the skin fair.

Niacin can maintain the normal secretion of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, and help to maintain the elasticity of vascular wall and protect the skin.

Therefore, the edible tomato can also be used for preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease. The tomato is succulent, can be used for diuresis, and the nephritis patient is also suitable for eating.

In patients with frequent gum bleeding or subcutaneous bleeding, eating tomatoes helps improve symptoms.

Tomato contains malic acid or citric acid, which helps to digest fat and protein in gastric juice.


Tomato deficiency symptoms

Nitrogen deficiency

The growth of the plant was slow, the old leaves were yellow-green in the early stage, and the whole plant was light green in the later stage. The leaves were fine and upright. The veins of the leaves changed from yellow-green to dark purple. The stems hardened. The fruit becomes smaller.



In the early stage, the back of the leaves was purplish red, the leaves were brown spots, the leaves were stiff, and the tip of the leaves withered black and brown. The veins gradually turned purplish red. The stem is slender and rich in fiber. The result was delayed.



In the early stage, the tip size black-brown spot appeared, the posterior stem also appeared black-brown spot, and the leaf edge curled. The root system is stunted. Young fruit is easy to fall off or many deformed fruit.



The plants were thin, wilted, yellow and wrinkled at the edge of the heart leaves, and died when the heart leaves were severe. The leaves in the middle of the plant formed black-brown spots, and then the whole leaves rolled up. It is very underdeveloped. Fruit is prone to umbilical rot and empty fruit.


Recommended scheme

Lvyin Characteristics of slow release Organic nitrogen Fertilizer

1.Long-term effect:it can meet the nitrogen nutrient demand of the whole plant growth period, and the effective period can reach 100 days and 200 days.

2.High efficiency:1-2 times higher than the utilization rate of the inorganic nitrogen fertilizer.

3.Safety:no root injury or burning of seedlings.

4.Economy: once fertilization, no need to top dressing, saving more labor and time.

5.Environmental protection: less loss, no residue, environmental friendly.


The high content of slow release organic nitrogen fertilizer. the utilization rate of nitrogen is improved, and the mixed nitrogen nutrition dominated by ammonium nitrogen is emphasized to promote root and promote flower. Increase root biomass. Promote the emergence of new shoots, neat and sturdy. Lvyin sustained-release organic nitrogen is respectively applied to the fruit-picking and fertilizer/ bud fertilizer and the strong-fruit fertilizer.The fat leaves are dark green and luster, increase the number of results, and the fruit is uniform.


A slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer rich in growing active substances. The effect of tomato fruit preservation period and fruit enlargement period is excellent.

the application of Lvyin slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer has the advantages of high dissolution rate and high absorption efficiency, In the growth stage of the new tip, additional fertilization was added to the fruit expansion period, increasing the fruit rate, increasing the yield quality and enhancing the tree body resistance. 

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