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In 2010, the area of China's citrus was 201 million hectares, with a yield of 2393 million tons, and the area and yield of the world's largest. Citrus is also typical of bacteria in subtropical fruit trees, When NH4-N and NO3-N coexist in the soil, the mycorrhiza first absorbs NH4-N. Optimal pH5.5-6.5. for Root growth of Citrus.

Demand for calcium: Citrus absorbed 33% and 66% calcium at germination stage and fruit expansion stage, respectively. 81% of the calcium is used for the growth of the ground, and 19% of the calcium is used for the growth of the root system. Soil calcium deficiency in southern China, drip irrigation can not only supplement calcium, but also reduce aluminum toxicity and salt damage. For spraying, spraying calcium in young fruit stage has the best effect in increasing fruit calcium content and improving storage, followed by fruit expansion stage. Spray the whole fruit surface when spraying. Spraying calcium helps reduce floating skin, fruit cracking and wrinkle fruit.

Demand for magnesium: Magnesium is a chlorophyll component, regulating enzyme activity and participating in sugar transport. When citrus was magnesium deficient, the ribbed yellow area appeared on both sides of the main vein of the old leaf, but the leaf tip to the base remained green and the fruit was small.

Demand for zinc: Zinc is involved in photosynthesis and auxin synthesis. CuZn-SOD protects chloroplasts and zinc improves drought resistance, heat resistance and disease resistance of citrus. The deficiency of available zinc in pH < 5 soil and the excessive application of phosphorus also inhibit the absorption of zinc. The symptoms of zinc deficiency in citrus appeared in the middle leaves of the new shoots, macular appeared between the veins of the leaves, the healthy part was thick green, the contrast was strong, and the macular leaves were formed. When severe, the new leaves are small, the front end is pointed, the leaflet is cluster, and the fruit skin is thick. The American experiment found that when the 10% of the leaves of the grapefruit had the symptoms of zinc deficiency, the yield of zinc was increased by 11%.

Requirements for Fe: The citrus is sensitive to Fe deficiency, and the leaf of the new shoot is uniformly out of green and yellow to form a net, the iron deficiency in the summer and autumn is more than that of the spring, the severe iron deficiency can cause the flower to fall, and the fruit is light and light. Fe deficiency in citrus in acidic soil may be too much Al3 in soil. Mn2 inhibits iron absorption. The Fe deficiency of the citrus in the coastal saline soil and the calcareous soil is the result of the low effective Fe content in the soil. Compared with different stock, trifoliate has the worst ability to absorb Fe and lime has the strongest ability to absorb Fe. Leaf spray and drip irrigation chelate Fe fertilizer is a common correction method.


Recommended scheme

Lvyin Characteristics of slow release Organic nitrogen Fertilizer

1.Long-term effect:it can meet the nitrogen nutrient demand of the whole plant growth period, and the effective period can reach 100 days and 200 days.

2.High efficiency:1-2 times higher than the utilization rate of the inorganic nitrogen fertilizer.

3.Safety:no root injury or burning of seedlings.

4.Economy: once fertilization, no need to top dressing, saving more labor and time.

5.Environmental protection: less loss, no residue, environmental friendly.


The high content of slow release organic nitrogen fertilizer. the utilization rate of nitrogen is improved, and the mixed nitrogen nutrition dominated by ammonium nitrogen is emphasized to promote root and promote flower. Increase root biomass. Promote the emergence of new shoots, neat and sturdy. Lvyin sustained-release organic nitrogen is respectively applied to the fruit-picking and fertilizer/ bud fertilizer and the strong-fruit fertilizer.The fat leaves are dark green and luster, increase the number of results, and the fruit is uniform.


A slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer rich in growing active substances. The effect of tomato fruit preservation period and fruit enlargement period is excellent.


the application of Lvyin slow-release organic nitrogen fertilizer has the advantages of high dissolution rate and high absorption efficiency, In the growth stage of the new tip, additional fertilization was added to the fruit expansion period, increasing the fruit rate, increasing the yield quality and enhancing the tree body resistance. 

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